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Sprint is one of the largest providers of local, long-distance, and wireless communication networks to more than 26 million customers in over 100 countries. Since its incorporation in 1938, Sprint has been leading the way in communication technology.

Sprint is responsible for the first nation-wide all-digital fiber-optic network in the United States and for the creation of an award-winning T1 (Tier One) Internet network. These and other accomplishments have gained the company wide recognition for its development of state-of-the-art technology.

In 2004, Sprint established Sprint Business Solutions (SBS) which was designed to simplify the purchase of communication services for businesses. By providing a unique variety of services, including wireless, long-distance, and Internet services to businesses through a single contact point, the company has set itself apart from the competition. Additionally, Sprint works to provide consumers with unparalleled communication service through its wireless industry which boasts 22.2 millions customers, its local phone system which is available in 18 states by 7.8 million families, and its DSL Internet service with nearly 400,000 subscribers.

Besides their commitment to staying at the forefront of communication innovation, Sprint is also dedicated to achieving high standards of customer service to both its business and consumer clients.

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