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SBC Communications

SBC Communications is the parent company of Pacific Bell, Nevada Bell, South New England Phone Company, SWB Bell, and Ameritech. It is dedicated to providing the latest cutting edge voice, video and data packages to their customers. SBC is committed to developing and deploying emerging technologies in broadband delivery systems, information technology, voice technology, video, data and wireless networks.

SBC provides telecommunications services and products for all areas in California, Connecticut, Oklahoma, Nevada, Texas, Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, and Indiana. The SBC telecommunications network consists of a technology and an infrastructure that is designed to meet all of your small and medium sized business (SMB) needs for voice/fax, Internet access, video, and data in the most efficient, cost-effective manner possible.

SBC telecommunications services and products are tailored to your specific SMB needs and can flexibly grow as your business expands. These services and products include phone/fax and Call Management features, Internet access, DSL, ISDN, T-1, Frame Relay, Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) Cell Relay, and Wireless. Various packages for these services and products are available.

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