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Alltel is a leading provider of communication services in the United States. The company currently services over 12 million customers in 26 states through its telephone, wireless, and Internet services.

For over 50 years, Alltel has been providing dependable communication services to customers. In recent years, their dedication to being the best in the industry has gained them recognition. The company was chosen as the Best Wireless Provider in 2003 by Arizona Business Magazine and was the winner of Wireless Week's Wireless Carrier Excellence Award in 2002.

In addition to its award-winning wireless services, Alltel also provides flexible pricing plans for its local and long-distance telephone services to both businesses and individuals, as well as high-speed T-1 Internet service for businesses and DSL for consumers. Low-cost dial-up packages are also available through the company.

Alltel also shows its commitment to quality service with its Freedom Guarantee for its wireless network. Customers who aren't satisfied with their service within the first 15 days pay only for the services they used and nothing more.

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